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With plenty of Dad sneaker looks still dominating the fashion runways it is unlikely the trend will be going away any time soon.  Sneakers are the dominant footwear to wear with everything from dresses, middi skirts and the usual more casual attire.  It is a total throwback to the 80’s when we wore white Keds or Reeboks with everything (including leg warmers) this is one comfortable trend that your feet will thank you for. 


                 What is a dad sneaker?
                 Well here at the Forest Bootery
                 this New Balance has been our
                 go to sneaker for years. It is an
                 icon in our store for men and
                 women who want a basic white
                 walking shoe.  It isn’t trendy but
                 it is a staple and we have sold
                 hundreds over the years.



    So playing off the all-white dad sneaker with comfy white soles, the all-white leather sneaker is at the top of the trend list.  Men and Women will be sporting this as an everyday go to look with denim, graphics and sweaters.  In high fashion women will be wearing these with silky dresses or middi skirts as well.  It is all about the contrast here.












































    The current fashion is everything being “over the top” so naturally the soles of shoes are an easy place for designers to play with.  Alexander McQueen took a vintage silhouette and ramped up the bottom with an oversized sole.  We have the version from Steve Madden. J Slides got the bottom on their sneaker spot on.  But our Classic platform Superga will be our best seller here in the Midwest.


    Since sneakers are dominating footwear it’s no wonder we will be seeing evey silhouette with a white bottom.  Fall in the Midwest means Boots and Booties. The combination with athletic inspied outsoles is fun and playful.  These are a few favoites.

        4.  VINTAGE

    Ready to wear is being heavily  influenced by vintage designers.  Think Hermes, Fendi, Gucci, Pucci, Loui Vitton and Yves St Laurent.  Their color combinations, signature prints and Logos are adorning clothing and even footwear.  Iconic sneaker silhouettes and brands are also trending.  Current brands  are making vintage classics like Adidas, Nike, Gola, Tretorn, Sperry & Superga.  Fashion brands are producing athletic inspired footwear like Vans, Converse & Fila.

    And finally fall 2019 hottest footwear trend is snake skin. 

    The natural tones and small textue make it a neutral print and it easily pairs with florals, plaids, camoflauge and zeba .  Which is great since mix and match printing is a big deal in fashion this season.  So don’t be afraid to get a pair and wear them with the un expected.


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