fall fashion pre fall

It’s all about “over the top” or “camp” as it is called.  Everything is exaggerated and a bit theatrical, thanks to the Met Gala theme of 2019.  Think vintage designers, athletics are couture, clashes & contrasts, kind of like the 80’s. Bigger is better and mixing & matching does all the heavy lifting.  It’s pretty crazy, I know.  But as these trends get into full swing my initial shock has worn off.  Now maybe it’s because ugly fashion is like music, the more you hear it the more you like it, or because of the nostalgia that this trend evokes that has made me change my tune. 

See I grew up in the fashion footwear industry with penny pincher, rack sale sifters, thrift store loving, yard sale junkie parents.  They had to be to get where they were going.  So it is my dirty little secret that I too have never been able to kick the habit.  So if I ever get stuck someplace with time on my hands to kill you will find me looking for the nearest thrift store.  It’s just part of my DNA.  There is something about the treasure hunt, finding that diamond in the ruff that brings out my creative side.  I’m willing to try something out of my comfort zone and I get a kick reminiscing about the fashion history as I flip thru the racks.  I am picky and look for vintage, antique, unique, quality and if I see it I’ll pick up something practical.  I like when I have a vintage sweater on and every time I wear it someone will tell me how much they love it or I find my favorite new graphic tee that nobody else will have.

So the camp movement really reminds me of being in a thrift store.  With all the fashion genres, prints and silhouettes all on the same rack overwhelming your senses.  And I love it!

LET’S GO OVER THE TOP (but not too far over here in the Midwest)

Vintage Designer:

Think Hermes, Channel, Fendi, Gucci, Pucci, Loui Vitton, Yves St Laurent and even Laura Ashley.   Their signature prints, logos and color combinations are adorning ready to wear and footwear.  Now I love vintage designer.  Maybe because I grew up in the industry but when my favorites come back into fashion I am first to jump on it.  However, fall 2019 isn’t just about vintage designer.  As I said It’s about bigger is better and mix & match doing the heavy lifting.  So ideally if you are going vintage with a Hermes printed middi then go bold by mixing in another print like leopard to add in the over the top element.  This look can also be “camped” up by wearing it with bold footwear.

Athletics is Couture:

It really is the 80’s.  Sneakers are a first choice in footwear.  Every silhouette has white bottoms from ballet flats to winter boots.  Like it or not sneakers are fashion and not just for casual attire.  See sneakers give contrast, pair them with dressier looks or can add an unexpected pattern.   Go bold with a platform making it bigger is better.  Read more about this dominant footwear on the sneaker report.

Clashes and Contrasts:

Do it with textures take a simple outfit with a neutral designer pallet and add in textures with patent, silks, chunky knits or fur.  Add in unexpected color choices like white boots for fall.  Mix and Match prints and patterns like liberty florals with camouflage.  Pair a graphic tee with a silk skirt and sneakers.  Wear a big “grandpa” sweater with a silk cami, sparkly jewelry, ripped up jeans and combat boots.  Wear snake skin with leopard.  You see you can’t get it really wrong this fall. 

The art of making “camp” look tasteful.

So that all being said how do you pull it all off and make it look good?  When you are going with print on print size mattes.  Look for smaller neutral prints like snake skin, leopard or liberty florals then mix them with larger bolder patterns like Hermes and man tailored plaids.  Add in a single pop of bold color.   Mix casual textures with dressy textures and most of all step out of your comfort zone to look effortlessly “camp.”